State of the art Equipment

Pay at the table

Allow customers to conduct EMV transactions and print receipts wirelessly at their table.

Mobile device

Ditch the typical terminal station and become mobile to increase the ability to communicate and interact with customers and take orders on the go.


Whether you're a server or running a catering business, we keep taking orders easy by being mobile.

Enhance Workflow

Achieve an edge over your competitors by completing tasks more quickly and efficiently


We offer the option of being mobile but not losing the traditional terminal touch.


Tablets offer similar functionalities of a mobile device but with an option of a bigger screen.


Easily switch from a stationary register to a tactile order taking machine.


A traditional touchscreen terminal with higher standards. Incorporating fingerprint scanners, MSR, and embedded RFID.


Effortlessy insert orders with multi-column modifiers and customize menus that cater to your specific business.


Provided with the highest level of secure payments using EMV to ensure that your customers feel safe.


Switches & Routers

Cash Drawers

Our success stories

"I have been a customer with West Coast Business Equipment for over 20 years. He recently upgraded my business from the "cash registers" to a very efficient POS system and we couldn't be happier! Everyone in the office is helpful and pleasant. "
Dyan P.
Perris, CA
"Very friendly and competent staff - explained everything in great detail and have been able to answer all questions since installation. Highly recommended."
Elaine W.
Lake Elsinore, CA
"The support has been excellent, and we get a human voice on the line who knows us, knows our operation and knows the system that they are representing. No more being on hold at a distant call-center only to get a person who can only say, "We'll look into it..." .
Ken C.
Long Beach, CA
"We have used West Coast Business Equipment for our Point of Sale needs for the last 16 years at multiple locations. Their service and professionalism is top notch! They have been there for us 24/7. I would highly recommend them."
Rob Q.
San Francisco, CA

About West Coast

Born in 1991, West Coast is a Future POS Dealer focused on implementing cutting edge equipment while delivering the best customer service possible.  With over 20 years of experience, we help businesses choose the right point of sale equipment to increase sales and improve day to day operations . We know running a business is stressful as it is, therefore, our goal is to make the experience of owning POS systems easy.