Meet the Revengers

A talented and experienced team that delivers amazing results, but making it fun along the way.

Geof Kine

Account Executive

Geof is our account executive who specializes in restaurant and business consulting. 

Superhero Title: Captain America

Barry Hogg

Database Specialist

Barry is our database specialist with over 20 years of of programming experience. 

Superhero Title: Thor

Jose Ocampo

POS Technician

Jose is our installation expert and certified POS technician specializing in hardware.

Superhero Title: Banner

Angel Castillo

Director of Marketing

Angel is our marketing communications specialist who produces media and campaigns.  

Superhero Title: Hawkeye

Gilberto Prieto

Support Specialist

Gil is our support specialist who is the face of our customer service who resolves customer issues.

Superhero Title: Iron Man


About West Coast

Born in 1991, West Coast is a Future POS Dealer focused on implementing cutting edge equipment while delivering the best customer service possible.  With over 20 years of experience, we help businesses choose the right point of sale equipment to increase sales and improve day to day operations . We know running a business is stressful as it is, therefore, our goal is to make the experience of owning POS systems easy.