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saved to the cloud

Access data from any web browser tablet, laptop, or mobile device using the cloud application that allows you to run your business anywhere and anytime by logging into the business's back of house information.


Tokenization implements a high level of encryption to provide an extra layer of security for merchants to protect sensitive data.

EMV Chip Readers

Our systems require customers to use EMV chip cards to enhance security levels. Our chip readers also allow customers to use mobile payments using their mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Real-Time Reporting

Track sales, labor costs, menu, and product reports in real time. With the ability to monitor expenses and sales, our systems allow you to take control of your restaurant.

Choose the perfect plan

Choose the perfect pricing plan that’s right for your business 

1 POS Station


36 months

2 POS Stations


36 months

3 POS Stations


36 months

4 Pos Stations


36 months

*All prices reflect customers who enroll in Future POS payments for merchant services. Prices do not include installation*

Customer service

We believe in providing top quality customer service to enhance our customers experiences

Our success stories

"Great company including the owner Geof and his staff. If there is ever a problem they are on it and fix it no matter what time of day or night. They excellent service and customer relations. "
Michael S..
Ontario, CA
"The whole staff is great. They are very helpful and go above and beyond to fix a problem. Our pos system is our first and it was rather painless to transfer over with the help of his knowledgeable staff."
Dub S.
San Francisco, CA
"I truly appreciate all of the staff at West Coast! No matter how simple or complicated our questions are, they are always super helpful and quickly find a solution that works for us."
Lisa H.
Redlands, CA
" Called WCBE and explained my situation. After a very quick remote check on the computer they arrived at my location armed with every possible piece of equipment that 'might' need to be replaced. After renewing my service and ensuring that all systems were up and working well, they waited to check that I locked up and was walked to my car!!! That's not only great service but chivalry too, what more can you ask for ?."
Jan V.
Lake Elsinore, CA

About West Coast

Born in 1991, West Coast is a Future POS Dealer focused on implementing cutting edge equipment while delivering the best customer service possible.  With over 20 years of experience, we help businesses choose the right point of sale equipment to increase sales and improve day to day operations . We know running a business is stressful as it is, therefore, our goal is to make the experience of owning POS systems easy.